Newsletter December 2012

Montblanc Newsletter December 2012



Mont-Blanc highlighted at ISC2012

Mont-Blanc at SC12

Mont-Blanc was present at the SC12 conference held in Salt Lake City (USA) and as usual participated actively not only in the technical programme but also on the exhibition floor. On Tuesday 13th November the Mont-Blanc coordinator, Alex Ramirez, participated at the Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) session "Exascale Research - The European Approach" with almost 50 participants in the room.

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Early results of the porting of 11 real scientific applications on energy-efficient ARM based platforms

Early results of the porting of 11 real scientific applications on energy-efficient ARM based platforms

One of the three major goals of the Mont-Blanc project is to assess the behaviour and the programmability of future Multi-Petascale and Exascale ARM-based low-power clusters on up to eleven scientific applications.

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Mont-Blanc project selects Samsung Exynos 5 Processor

Mont-Blanc project selects Samsung Exynos 5 Processor

The Mont-Blanc European project has selected the Samsung Exynos® platform as the building block for powering its first integrated low power- High Performance Computing (HPC) prototype. The aim of Mont-Blanc project is to design a new type of computer architecture capable of setting future global HPC standards, built from today’s energy efficient solutions used in embedded and mobile devices.

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Mont-Blanc collaborates with...

DeepDEEP is an innovative European response to the Exascale challenge. The DEEP consortium will develop a novel, Exascale-enabling supercomputing architecture with a matching SW stack and a set of optimized grand-challenge simulation applications.

DEEP takes the concept of compute acceleration to a new level: instead of adding accelerator cards to Cluster nodes, an accelerator Cluster, called Booster, will complement a conventional HPC system and increase its compute performance. Together with a software stack focused on meeting Exascale requirements, comprising adapted programming models, libraries and performance tools, the DEEP architecture, will enable unprecedented scalability.

Alex Ramirez: Message from the coordinator

Welcome to the second edition of the Mont-Blanc newsletter!

Now the project has been operating for one full year already, and there is quite a bit that we have accomplished in that time: we have selected an ARM-based SoC and defined the Mont-Blanc system architecture, deployed a full HPC software stack, and ported a number of full-size applications to ARM.

Further to the recently announced SoC selection, we have also developed the FORTRAN support for the OmpSs parallel programming model, and deployed a full HPC system software stack on the ARM platform. Now, HPC developers face a familiar environment with OS, compilers, scientific libraries, runtime system, cluster management, performance analysis tools and parallel debugger that makes applications porting to ARM not harder than porting to any other HPC system. All of our 11 starting applications have been successfully ported and tested on our test ARM multicore cluster.

During the next year 2013 we will be developing the first Mont-Blanc prototype hardware: a cluster-on-a-blade architecture, integrated into a standard BullX chassis, with an integrated Gnodal high bandwidth Ethernet interconnection network. In parallel with the hardware development, we will develop the required OpenCL support for the embedded GPU in the HPC system software stack, starting from the OpenCL runtime environment itself, the OmpSs runtime library, and the scientific libraries. Finally, we will start porting the applications to the OmpSs tasking model, focusing on their task partitioning and scalability to higher number of low-power compute nodes to ensure competitive performance on our platform.

The project continues to draw significant interest from the community as ARM-based server SoC and systems continue to be announced, so we face the additional responsibility to keep up with the expectations we have created. We will not disappoint you. Please stay tuned for more in the next editions of our newsletter. You can also follow us via web, Facebook or Twitter!


Alex Ramírez
Mont-Blanc Coordinator
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