Mont-Blanc at PRACEDays15

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yesterday the Mont-Blanc coordinator, Dr. Filippo Mantovani, participated at the satellite event "Enabling Exascale in Europe for Industry" at the PRACEdays15 in Dublin. In the Mont-Blanc session, the the  coordinator  of  the  Mont- Blanc  project  presented an overview and status of the European project together with RR  HPC Tech  Lead  Specialist Aero thermal  Methods  at Rolls Royce,  a member of the Industrial End User Group. He presented their observations from the process of testing the low energy HPC prototypes produced by the protypes produced by the project.

During this occasion, all speakers shared insights on their research efforts having in mind particularly user requirements and challenges to be overcome for future Exascale computing. They referenced concrete examples from various fields of industry, as for instance oil & gas, pharma or aerospace. The session finished with a lively panel discussion moderated by Gilad Shainer, HPC Advisory Council  Chairman.

Missed this Exascale event? All European Exascale projects will meet again organizing an ISC Workshop on Thursday 16th July. The program is available here: