Mont-Blanc at SC16

Monday, October 24, 2016

HPC matters because HPC is powering revolutionary advances in quality of life – for everyone. There is no better place than SC16 conference to see why HPC matters to our lives, our future, our communities, and our world. AS in previous editions of this conference, the Mont-Blanc project is not only featured at the exhibition with booth #3000 shared with PRACE/EXDCI. This year we will be also present at the Technical Programme with the activities summarized in the table below: 





Workshop Performance Modeling, Benchmarking and Simulation of High Performance Computer Systems (PMBS16): HPC Benchmarking: Problem size Matters

Jose Gracia, HLRS

Sunday 13 Nov


Bird-of-a-Feather European Exascale Projects and Their International Collaboration Potential

co-organized by ETP4HPC and EXDCI 

Wednesday 16 Nov


room 155-A

Best Paper Finalist: The Mont-Blanc Prototype: An Alternative Approach for HPC Systems

Nikola Rajovic, BSC

Wednesday 16 Nov


 room 355-D

MUSA: A Multi-Level Simulation Approach for Next-Generation HPC Machines 

Marc Casas, BSC

Wednesday 16 Nov


room 355-E

Unprotected Computing : A Large-Scale Study of DRAM Raw Error Rate on a Supercomputer 

Leonardo Bautista-Gomez, BSC

Wednesday 16 Nov 4pm - 4:30pm

room 355-BC

We would like to highlight that the submitted paper titled “The Mont-Blanc prototype: An Alternative Approach for HPC Systems”, Nikola Rajovic et al. has been selected as Best Paper Finalist for SC16. Meet all our experts in Salt Lake City!