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Mont-Blanc Mont-Blanc, present at ITovation Norway 27 November 2012
Mont-Blanc A Mont-Blanc paper finalist for BEST PAPER AWARD at IPDPS 2017 18 April 2017
Mont-Blanc A Mont-Blanc paper finalist for Best Paper Award at ISPASS 2017 13 March 2017
Mont-Blanc Advanced OpenCL training 17 September 2014
Daily Amazon May Buy TI’s OMAP Unit 15 October 2012
The Register AMD snaps up server upstart SeaMicro 28 February 2012
Endgadget An ARM core in an AMD device? It just happened, but not the way you think 13 June 2012
ARM ARM Announces New HPC IP to Address Demand for Energy-Efficient ‘Many-core’ Solutions for the Enterprise Market 10 October 2012
ARM ARM Discloses Technical Details of 64-bit Architecture 27 October 2011
HPC Wire Arm Yourselves for Exascale, Part 1 09 November 2011
HPC Wire Arm Yourselves for Exascale, Part 2 12 December 2011
AnandTech ARM's Cortex A57 and Cortex A53: The First 64-bit ARMv8 CPU Cores 29 October 2012
Marketplace Tech As PC sales fall, supercomputers soar 23 April 2013
Muy Computer Barcelona hospedará un superordenador con 1.000 chips Tegra 3: Mont Blanc 14 November 2011
Mont-Blanc BSC hires a Support Engineer for Mont-Blanc project 26 June 2013
Calxeda Calxeda Launches the EnergyCore™ Processor; Delivers 10 Times the Performance for the Same Power 01 November 2011
HPC Wire Calxeda Takes Aim at Big Data HPC with ARM Server Chip 31 May 2012
The Register Can't wait for Nvidia? Try these Italian baby ARM clusters with GPU options 19 November 2012
Procesory Centrum obliczeniowe w Barcelonie wdraża hybrydowy superkomputer 15 November 2011
PR Newswire UK Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Rolls Out World's First Commercial Deployment of Marvell's ARM Processor-based Server 25 February 2013
The Inquirer Codethink launches 32 core ARM server using Marvell chips 20 August 2012
Scientific Computing World Connections changing in HPC 21 December 2012 DARPA issues Proposers Day for Power Efficiency Revolution For Embedded Computing Technologies (PERFECT) Program 27 January 2012
Mont-Blanc Discover the Mont-Blanc performance analysis tools: MAQAO and CERE 02 May 2017
Mont-Blanc Discover the Mont-Blanc performance analysis tools: Paraver, Dimenas, and Extrae 01 August 2017
EE HPC Group Webinar EE HPC Group Webinar: The Mont-Blanc approach towards Exascale 15 October 2012
Xataka El Centro de Supercomputación de Barcelona tendrá el primer sistema híbrido basado en Nvidia Tegra y CUDA 15 November 2011
Mont-Blanc El programa Ecotendències CosmoCaixa selecciona el projecte Mont-Blanc com un dels més innovadors 28 May 2012
HPC Wire Europe Aims to Become World Leader in Supercomputing 16 February 2012
Mont-Blanc Face-to-Face meeting and training at the University of Bristol 17 September 2014