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Mont-Blanc Mont-Blanc @ISC 2012 13 May 2012
SoftPedia First 64-Bit ARM Server Launched, Intel Watch Out 27 April 2012
Mont-Blanc Successful Face-to-Face meeting 2012 15 April 2012
The Portland Group PGI OpenCL Compiler For ARM 28 February 2012
The Register AMD snaps up server upstart SeaMicro 28 February 2012
HPC Wire Europe Aims to Become World Leader in Supercomputing 16 February 2012 The Commission sets out a plan to make EU the world leader in High-Performance Computing 15 February 2012 DARPA issues Proposers Day for Power Efficiency Revolution For Embedded Computing Technologies (PERFECT) Program 27 January 2012
Mont-Blanc Mont-Blanc participates in the Hipeac Conference 2012 25 January 2012
EDA360 Insider Nvidia Tegra 3 based on five ARM Cortex-A9 cores is mobile processor of the year 23 January 2012
Motley Fool When Will ARM Invade the Server Market? 20 January 2012
Blog Nvidia Meet ‘CARMA’ – The CUDA on ARM Development Kit 19 December 2011
HPC Wire Arm Yourselves for Exascale, Part 2 12 December 2011
HPC Wire IBM Will Chip in on Micron's 3D Hybrid Memory Cube 30 November 2011
HPC Wire NVIDIA Tegra Processors Blaze the Way for ARM in Supercomputing 23 November 2011
X-bit labs Nvidia and Barcelona Supercomputing Centre to Build ARM- and GPU-Based Supercomputer 15 November 2011
Procesory Centrum obliczeniowe w Barcelonie wdraża hybrydowy superkomputer 15 November 2011
Xataka El Centro de Supercomputación de Barcelona tendrá el primer sistema híbrido basado en Nvidia Tegra y CUDA 15 November 2011
Muy Computer Barcelona hospedará un superordenador con 1.000 chips Tegra 3: Mont Blanc 14 November 2011
The Register Spaniards prototype ARM-GPU hybrid supercomputer 14 November 2011 NVIDIA lanza kit de desarrollo de CUDA para ARM 13 November 2011
ARM website Mali-T658 GPU Extends Graphics And GPU Compute Leadership For High Performance Devices 10 November 2011
Nvidia website NVIDIA Quad-Core Tegra 3 Chip Sets New Standards of Mobile Computing Performance, Energy Efficiency 10 November 2011
HPC Wire Arm Yourselves for Exascale, Part 1 09 November 2011
HPC in the Cloud Gnodal, Solarflare Complete 10 Gigabit Switch and Server Adapter Testing 01 November 2011
Calxeda Calxeda Launches the EnergyCore™ Processor; Delivers 10 Times the Performance for the Same Power 01 November 2011
HPC Wire Texas Instruments Makes HPC Play with New Multicore DSP Chips 28 October 2011
HPC Wire NVIDIA Floating Idea of Tegra Servers 28 October 2011
ARM ARM Discloses Technical Details of 64-bit Architecture 27 October 2011
EE Times Nvidia Kal-El processor to emerge November 9 25 October 2011