Bull SAS

Bull is the Atos brand for its technology products and software, which are today distributed in over 50 countries worldwide. With a rich heritage of over 80 years of technological innovation, 2000 patents and a 700 strong R&D team supported by the Atos Scientific Community, it offers products and value-added software to assist clients in their digital transformation, specifically in the areas of Big Data and Cybersecurity.

Bull is the European leader in HPC and its products include bullx, the energy-efficient supercomputer; sequana, the open exascale-class supercomputer; bullion, one of the most powerful x86 servers in the world developed to meet the challenges of Big Data; Evidian, the software security solutions for identity and access management; Trustway, the hardware security module and Hoox, the ultra-secure smartphone. Bull is part of Atos.

Bull has, for many years, provided solutions offering high performance and availability, and has strong competencies in the development of architectures, which make it possible to optimise data management. This experience is a significant asset in the field of High Performance Computing, which is increasingly faced with problems in balancing capacities of calculation, data access and storage.

HPC is one of the fast growing activities of Bull. Bull has already demonstrated the results of its collaborative programmes with CEA: after Tera 100, the first petaflops-scale supercomputer ever designed and developed in Europe, Bull and CEA are now working on the Tera 1000 co-design programme, a pre-exascale supercomputer that prepares the implementation of an exascale-class supercomputer by 2020.

The participation of Bull in the Mont-Blanc project which gathers foremost European Supercomputing Centres and HPC Research Labs is a key element to leverage this research and transform it in products that will help to speed up research in many other domains such as nuclear fusion, avionics, life-science, etc., to considerably increase the performance of high demanding applications such as seismic imaging for oil industry and to greatly facilitate modelling and numerical simulation to design new products in a more efficient manner. Bull has a long experience in system development both for commercial and scientific application. Bull’s expertise encompasses all aspects of hardware and software system development, the design and development of ASICs, system board and infrastructure.