Universität Graz

The Karl Franzens University of Graz was founded in 1585 and received already six Nobel Prizes. Among the seven faculties there is the Faculty for Natural Sciences to which our Institute for Mathematics and Scientific Computing belongs to.  One professorship in this institute is dedicated to scientific computing/HPC with Prof. Haase as its chair. There is a very close cooperation in research and teaching with the Graz University of Technology and the Medical University of Graz in the context of various networks (“Modeling and Simulation”, “BioTechmed”, “NAWI Graz”) and projects.

The HPC group of our institute runs its own GPU/MIC-cluster and the members are involved in various projects with national and international partners from academia and industry. The research of the HPC group focusses on many-core parallel solvers/preconditioners for discretized linear and non-linear partial differential equations. The parallelization techniques for these codes include MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, OpenACC, OpenMP 4.0.