University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is ranked in the top 30 universities globally (QS world university rankings), and since it's founding in 1909 has the honour of counting 11 Nobel Laureates among its former staff and students, including Dirac, Mott, Ramsay and Bethe, and 24 of its current staff are members of the prestigious Royal Society. The university is particularly famous for its science and engineering, with ~5,000 of the university's ~14,000 students studying this subject.

The Department of Computer Science was founded in 1984 and is ranked in the top 5 departments in the UK. The department is famed for its expertise in High Performance Computing, Computer Architecture, Cryptography, Image Processing and Human-Computer Interaction.

The Department includes ~100 staff, ~100 PhD students and supports ~600 students at any one time. The Department is sited in the middle of one of the largest high-technology industrial clusters in the world, with, for example, ~5,000 silicon chip designers working in and around Bristol for companies such as Imagination Technologies, Nvidia, STMicroelectronics, Broadcom and Infineon. Many high-tech startups are also based in the region, supported by the university's award-winning start-up incubator, SETsquared.

The University of Bristol is a leader in the UK academic HPC community, having invested ~£16m in HPC equipment since 2008. It's latest HPC system, Blue Crystal phase 3, has a peak performance in excess of 200 TFLOPS, placing it in the top 3 academic HPC sites in the UK. The university collaborates with industrial partners in HPC, including Intel, Dell, Nvidia, ARM, Imagination Technologies, NAG and AMD.