Scientific and Engineering Applications

The Mont Blanc project aims to assess the potential of ARM-based clusters to address Exascale HPC needs. Among other objectives, we assess the behaviour of real exascale-class scientific and engineering applications on the different generations of platforms made available by the project. These real applications, used by academia and industry, running daily in production in existing European (PRACE Tier-0 systems) or national HPC facilities, have been selected by the different partners in order to cover a wide range of scientific and engineering domains (geophysics, fusion, materials, particle physics, life sciences, combustion, aerodynamics, weather forecast…), as well as a wide range of hardware and software requirements. Some of these applications are also part of the PRACE Benchmark.

New applications assessed in the current phase of Mont-Blanc:

AVL Excite AVL Fire AVL Fame


AVL EXCITE™ is a software for the simulation of rigid and flexible multi-body dynamics of...

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AVL FIRE™ is the leading CFD simulation tool in the field of combustion analysis...

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Within its flexible automated meshing environment (AVL FAME™), AVL FIRE™ offers...

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